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Q&A with Miikka Tuominen, Retention Coordinator

- who has recently taken the leap from his position as Finnish Customer Service Team Lead to a brand new role in Marketing.

 When and how did your GG journey begin?

I moved to Tallinn from Finland a few years back, to pursue a university degree in Marketing at the Technical University of Tallinn. Both back home in Finland and while studying in Tallinn, I had held several jobs in Customer Service. It just seemed to be “my thing”. Then a mate tipped me off about a fantastic interview he’d just had at a new company called Global Gaming. He said the pay was good and the people solid, and they were still recruiting. That was my cue to send in an application, and here we are, 3 years down the line.

I started in January 2016 as Finnish Customer Service Representative. At that time, I was employee #4 in the Estonian office (currently over 40 employees and counting). I know it may sound cheesy, but I really loved my CS job and put my everything into always providing top-notch Customer Support. Perhaps that’s why, within a relatively short time, I was promoted to the role of Team Lead for the Finnish Customer Service Team.

So why the career change?

Given the focus of my studies, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my hard-earned Marketing expertise to work so moving to my new role in Customer Retention was a very natural choice. Also, after a number of years in sales and customer service jobs, I felt I was ready for new challenges. I have been working very closely with the Global Gaming Marketing team from the get-go and was also curious to experience our business from a different angle.

What will you be doing now?

As Retention Coordinator, I will be responsible for the retention and development of players within the Finnish market via the delivery of exciting, interesting and appealing offerings and communications.

What do you bring to the table?

First and foremost, an in-depth knowledge of the human aspect of the business from my years in the front lines: how players think and react, or what they expect. I know the importance of clear communication with the customers. I believe I have the ability to spot issues that might elude others, who typically get to Marketing having skipped the CS experience. Being able to detect and pre-empt any issues from the customers’ perspective will undoubtedly help improve the offering.

The new role entails familiarizing myself with a lot of fun, new tools for me to play with. It will be a steep learning curve, but I do love a challenge, so I look forward to it.

How about a cheesy quote?

“I am truly thankful to the CS gang for three fantastic years and, in a way, I am glad we’ll still be working together, just in different groups. I look forward to trying my hand at Customer Retention, as well as the opportunity to grow and learn in this new position.”

Additional questions:

What is the best part about being a GGer?

Hands down the people.

Give me your funniest anecdote in your GG career

Our customers come from all walks of life and there are loads of hilarious situations arising from customer interaction but, as any CS representative would know, most of them should probably not be repeated in public.

You just won EUR 100.000, do you stay on?

Stay, no doubt. EUR 100.000 is not enough money to retire on 😊

Professional development the GG way

There is a great deal of mobility and flexibility in Global Gaming.

Dagmar Janssen Head of Search

We like ambition and we recognise and reward those who are willing to go the extra mile.

Ale Focardi Chief Growth Officer

Happiness is very high on our agenda.

Katri Delimoge Head of P&O, Nordics

Dagmar Janssen, Head of Search


From SEO Manager with two direct reports in 2016 to Head of an enviable Search Team in 2018. How a young talent from the Netherlands made it happen at Global Gaming.


Dagmar JanssenWhen Dagmar Janssen, 31 and newly-appointed Head of Search, joined Global Gaming in October 2016, Search Engine Optimization in the organisation was just budding.
Curiosity, focus, and a passion for the industry were his compass on a journey marked by challenges like keeping up with the impressive growth rate for the flagship brand, Ninja Casino, ‘But he clearly delivered’, says Alessandro Focardi, Chief Growth Officer and his manager.

‘Dagmar knows SEO and he knows what he wants. We like ambition and we recognise and reward those who are willing to go the extra mile. He is ready for the new role and I know the SEO department couldn’t be in better hands’.

The promotion, of course, entails added responsibilities. Besides the increased number of direct reports, Dagmar is now in charge of paid search (PPC) and securing the link between SEO and PPC campaigns to enhance brand visibility. Another development for him was the move to Malta from the Tallinn office, in line with Global Gaming’s strategy to build a localised digital marketing presence on the island and working closely with the growing Development Team.

‘There is a great deal of mobility as well as flexibility in Global Gaming.’, Dagmar says, ‘Face-to-face interaction within the teams is highly encouraged and work-life balance is a top priority, so employee relocations are often a result of personal and professional considerations.
Global Gaming is a very exciting place to be. To be part of a group that truly loves the industry and what they do makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning and go the extra mile.’

We wish Dagmar a fair wind in his new role and look forward to following his career development.



For further information about career opportunities at Global Gaming, please visit  https://career.globalgaming.com/jobs




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