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Building teams the GG way!

At Global Gaming, we promote a healthy lifestyle for our employees. This is why we have founded the Go Ninja Sports Club.

Go Ninja Sports Club is a way for Global Gaming to motivate employees to choose a healthier, more active lifestyle, build stronger teams, as well as a way to build an extended community of people sharing the same interest in sports of all sorts.

 Club members benefit from a priceless sense of community engagement and support, as well as having a chance to win sponsored participation in local spots events, often coupled with a VIP treatment, team gear and so forth.

the pep-talk.JPG
Pictured above: June 2018 - GG'ers in Tallinn participate in the annual Rat Race, a charity event where proceeds went to local Child Protection projects

Thinking outside the Sweden box

September 2018 - Early September was a busy time for Go Ninja Sports Club members outside of Sweden. We are proud of our ninjas and love to see how the club is taking off in other Nordic countries.

Enthusiastic ninja and Global Gaming employee Ville Väisänen made us proud at the largest obstacle race in Scandinavia, Tough Viking 2018 (http://toughviking.se/en/ ) in Helsinki on September 8th, closely followed by colleagues Damla Ayral of Turkey and Karina Jessina of Sweden joining an incredible 10 201 participants in the Tallinn Marathon 10 Km run (http://www.jooks.ee/en/tallinn... ). All in one GNSC weekend.

Well done, ninjas! What an inspiration!

Go Ninja Sports Club was launched in April 2018 to bring together people from all walks of life who share a passion for sports and encourage them to push their limits and inspire each-other, but also to promote a healthier and more active lifestyle for Global Gaming employees across three national offices (Sweden, Estonia and Malta).

Of the Tough Viking experience, for which he prepared for over 10 months, Ville said: “I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience if you want to challenge yourself and push yourself to the limit. Maybe next year Team Ninja will have a whole crew there and we’ll work through the obstacles together!”

Go on, be a ninja!

Bootcamp for the Malmö GG'ers

April 2018 - After several months of intensive preparations, Malmö GG'ers had the pleasure of kicking the Sports Club off with the Go Ninja Sports Club Bootcamp.

In line with the Club’s goal to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle for all, the bootcamp was about having fun and challenging ourselves as part of a team of happy and enthusiastic ninjas.

While the Club is open to everyone, we thought the perfect kick-off was a staff event. Striving to achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle starts on the home front and, as members of the Global Gaming family, not only are we the home front but also the perfect bunch of ninjas. So the motto was "Put on those trainers and off we go. Go on, be a ninja!".


A healthy mind in a healthy body

 Healthy Heart Week in Tallinn

April 2018 - Organised by P&O Manager Katri Delimoge in conjunction with Estonia’s Healthy Heart week (April 16-22), GG Tallinn’s “health and lifestyle bootcamp” was a treasure trove of inspiration.

Activities included relaxing massages at the office, a vegetarian lunch, a 90’s-themed  workout session at the local gym and much more.
The Global Gaming angle on the original initiative was that it’s not just about a healthy heart, but rather about a healthy balance between body and mind - the foundation for a happy self. It’s about trying new things, new food, new ways to keep fit, healthy and happy. And to keep stress at bay in the process. 
“Having fun as a team is also an essential component of the initiative.”, explains Katri, and adds “And you never know, people might be inspired to make positive changes in their  lifestyle”.

The creatively named daily events were:
Movement Monday
45 minutes of bodypump-cardio-bootcamp-style group workout to the 90’s top hits. 
What’s not to love?
Toned up Tuesday
“What do you need to do and eat to stay sharp and smart?” presentation by Erik Orgu, local nutrition and fitness guru, about the benefits of correct nutrition and physical activity for our overall well-being. This included tips on simple office exercises to sneak into our daily 
activities (Watch the video in the photo gallery for the best squats in the iGaming industry!).
Wellness Wednesday
A relaxing and rejuvenating upper-body massage brought to us by the talented therapists of the local Blind Massage Therapists Foundation (http://www.pimemassoorid.ee). 
Tasty (meatless!) Thursday
Who says work lunches need to be unhealthy? The team enjoyed a delicious, colourful lunch buffet including fresh fruit, smoothies, salads, grains and veggie patties. Look forward to seeing what new and healthy lunchboxes people will bring to work next week!
Fit Friday
“Is burnout just another buzz word or what is it really about?” Presentation by Merlin Kreitsberg, psychologist at the Sensus Center (http://www.sensus.ee). 
A chance to find out what burnout is, what brings it about, who might be prone to it and how to cope when it strikes.

Quite a busy week, eh? But hopefully there were some nuggets of inspiration in it for you. Healthy Global Gamers are happy Global Gamers. And that’s what really matters to us!


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